Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Virtual Tour - The Living Room

Hi, all and again: Welcome to our home.

Now that you've met the family, let's take the 50 cent tour. We'll start with the living room.

Inside the front door, you'll see the fish tank turned candle display. And these are the "Mama and Papa's" chairs. I'm hoping to replace these with a double-recliner-love seat type thing, so DD and I can snuggle together while we watch TV.

This is the new dog couch, (Happy Boxers!!), and my little jungle. Look closely. This is the closest thing I'll every have to a garden! Some day this window will be replaced with an insulated one that can be cleaned from the inside.

On the opposite side of the room: Extra seating and the door to the kitchen. The wall to the left of this photo will eventually have built in cabinets to surround the TV and console. They'll be white to match the trim.

The door to the hallway. This door will be replaced with a 4-5 glass panel door reminiscent of a Shoji screen.

This is a piece that my grandmother left to me. I have no idea what it was originally but it's my TV console now. I love it.

Well that's the living room, and our plans for it. Lets head to the kitchen next.........


  1. I love the re-purposing of the fish tank - clever!

    You are fortunate to have an inside garden. I can't have many plants with my cats - and the few I can have aren't very fancy!

  2. Nice. And love what you have planned.
    Cool idea with the fish tank....
    Happy Thanksgiving!