Sunday, November 28, 2010

Virtual Tour - Dining Room

These are the steps from the kitchen to the dining room. We built these after we took down the wall that separated the two. The tiles on the end are ceramic and made to look like travertine, the smaller ones are slate. The ugly carpet will be replaced with wood some day.

Beside the stairs is the laundry nook. That's too sad to photograph now, but I have plans for that little room, too.

This is the view from the kitchen. Table is a family heirloom, and will showcased in the "new" decor.

The wood stove will be replaced with a wall mounted gas fireplace. The brick will be glazed, and we'll add a mantel and cabinetry.

This is the far corner. The hutch and the coat tree will be replaced with built in cabinets.

This whole end of the room will have built in cabinets. (That stack of boxes in the floor is the laminate for the floor.)

Next, we'll look and the bedroom and the "library".

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