Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Birthday Dinner Party

DD and I are hosting a small dinner for my cousin, SS and her husband RS to night. Yummy Italian, and good friends. What more can you ask for? Since DD had to work Saturday, I was stuck with most of the house cleaning and yard work, (It's been over 100 degrees this weekend!), which was hard, but that's OK because he's earning the money. Tonight is also the full moon. I'm going to try another candle for MD's health and recovery.
MD is doing much better in her new (old) rehab facility. Over the past few weeks, she's shown great improvement. Unfortunately, that means she getting a lot crabbier about being in the rehab facility, and about the fact that she's not in charge. I'm so glad she's feeling better, and I'm amazed every day by that woman's strength. this last time, I really thought she wasn't coming home, but she was alert and feeling 75% better within 2 days. That's incredible considering she is 84 and had pneumonia and a urinary tract infection with a white blood cell count of 32000. She is one impressive woman.
I finally got my entire collection of Pagan study notes transferred to Word, including my current project, the Gilded Tarot deck. I've gotten through the 1st 3 suits and am currently working through the Pentacles and will start on the major arcana next.
GD seems to have worked through most of her trust issues with LD. After the Incident, I wasn't sure we'd ever get back to a relaxed pack, but I'm hopeful again.
Blessed Be.

Monday, July 5, 2010

In reading over my last post I realized I made an error. I found my first reference to Paganism in 2007, not 2009 as previously stated. Don't know what I was thinking! :)
Oh well, on to this week.
This week DD and I learned that all physical rehabilitation facilities are not created equal. DD's mother, (MD) is in her mid 80's and has had an unusually rough time medically since the beginning of 2009. She has type 2 diabetes, conjunctive heart disease,and is a breast cancer survivor (double mastectomy). Remarkably, other than these 3 things she has been relatively active and healthy until recently.
In the past year she has been hospitalized 3 times for blood sugar, and cardiac complications. the last 2 times have resulted in her living temporarily in 2 different short term rehab facilities. The last one was great in terms of medical care but not great food, so this time she wanted to try another local facility that was reported to have better food. They did. Unfortunately, that's all they've got going for them. The nursing staff are disinterested to say the least. Twice in as many days, MD and her roommate have been left in soiled bed sheets. MD has been left w/out anything to drink for hours, and her oxygen tube has been left off twice after getting her dressed for the day. Many of the patients have horrible dental hygiene, and they all look miserable. The energy in this place is almost overpowering. One of the patients latched on to my arm as I walked by her in the hall and asked me not to leave her. When I explained that I had to see after another patient, and asked if she wanted a nurse, she answered emphatically, "NO!" and let me go.
I was attuned in 1st level Reiki about 6 months ago and have been practicing on myself and family members, but yesterday was the first time I tried to give Reiki to a place and/or a group of people. I just begged for peace and healing for the entire situation, and cried all the way home.
We're moving MD back to the first facility as soon as the administrations offices at both places after the 4th of July holiday. I've decided I'll cook for her and bring dinner everyday so she can't complain about the food (overly much). As soon as we get her out we're reporting that place to the state and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I keep getting the feeling that those other patients are just in a holding facility waiting to die. They're definitely not being cared for.

OK - On to less depressing matters.
I've been transferring my Pagan/Wicca/Witchcraft study notes (my Book of Shadows, if you will) from a paper notebook to my computer. I didn't think I had taken that may notes. DANG!
I'm getting tired of typing! :)
Part of those notes are my self study course on the Gilded Tarot Deck. My fist tarot deck. (IT'S SO PRETTY!! I like pretty.) I've been studying this deck one card at a time for months and was having a really hard time because I could only get through 2 or 3 cards at once because I would get so tired. i took the suggestion of a FB acquaintance and tried using the violet flame meditation before working this the cards and , what do you know, it helped. i was very pleasantly surprised. My next study session I worked through 12 cards before I started getting tired. If you've never tried this meditation, it's very simple and so worth the time and effort.

Well that's enough for now. See you next week.