Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aha Moments

You know the ones I'm talking about. When you run across an action or idea that's so simple and profound that you can't believe some one actually had to point it out? That "Aha Moment"? I had one the other day. I was reading a blog post on Charmed I'm Sure, by Miss Sugar, and she made the point that, basically, your perspective isn't the only one. Wow! Where's that been all my life?
So, as I sat there, smaking myself on the forehead, I started thinking about all of the places in my life that this applied to. Holly Hannah, there were a lot of them. All those discussions with friends and family; I spent hours solving all the world's problems. What an a$$hat I can be, sometimes.

Well, now for the "learning from my mistakes" portion of our program. How can I apply this revelation to my life? How do I use this to become a better person, a better friend, a better companion? I think I'll simply start by remembering what she said and trying to apply it to as many situations as I can. that should get the ball rolling.

I'll still try and solve the world's problems. I don't think I can help myself. :o


  1. It's perfectly fine to reference other bloggers! I appreciate your reference, when you let people know you referenced them you give their egos a cookie!

  2. This is a GREAT point to try and remember!! I will think on this myself and see where I can apply this in my own life.

    Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog.....I hope you come back again soon.