Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gimme the bad news first.

Hi everyone!  (If anyone's still there.)  I'm so sorry I've been unable to post in the post few months.  There's been so much going on, I'm not sure where to start. 

Bad News:  MD went back into the hospital.
Good News:  She already back at home and doing fine.

Bad News:  Things at the office are getting rediculously bad on almost every level from immediate manager changes up to top level "company direction" changes.
Good News:  It was just the catalyst I needed to get my butt in gear and get back in school.  By this time next year I will have fulfilled a 20 year dream and will become a LMT!!  

Bad News:  DD is exhausted and over worked.
Good News:  We own the company and it looks like we may be in the black this year.

More to come!!


  1. All in all, really GOOD news!!

  2. Hi, Kallan! I'm so glad you're still here!
    The scales are definately weighted to the good side. :)